What Do Cosmic Apples Taste Like?

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What Do Cosmic Apples Taste Like?

Crispy and sweet

They mix the “Enterprise” and “Honeycrisp” apple varieties. The big, juicy apple is surprisingly crisp and firm. Some say that when you bite into it, it breaks!

Cosmic Crisp apples have just the right amount of sweet and sour taste, so they’re great for snacking, baking, cooking, juicing, or any other way you like to eat apples. People who bake will like that the Cosmic Crisp apple keeps its shape and color in sweets. Because the Cosmic Crisp is naturally sweet, some people have also found that they need to add less sugar to baking recipes.

The Cosmic Crisp apple naturally takes longer to turn brown because it is grown with more acidity and sugar. It’s your new favorite apple for putting pieces in lunch boxes and your go-to for charcuterie!

Why Is It Special?

You can cook, bake, or eat this apple raw, which will still taste great. I love them most when I cut them up and dip them in peanut butter for a crunchy and creamy treat. The Cosmic Crisp has a lot of vinegar and sugar, so it turns brown slowly and stays a beautiful red color. This makes it a great choice for lunchboxes. Still, it’s a sweeter apple that’s known to make up for the extra sugar that recipes call for. Like, the Cosmic Crisp’s high sugar content and juicy texture will help make a sweet syrup in apple pies while they’re baking. Plus, this apple goes well with both soft and tart apples, which makes the Cosmic Crisp taste great!

Cosmic Apple Flavor

Now, let’s get to the heart of cosmic apples and talk about their unique taste.

1. Sweetness

When compared to other types of sweet apples, cosmic apples are very sweet. They have a nice, natural sweetness.

2. Juiciness

These apples are juicy, and each bite gives you cool water. They make a great snack because they are sweet and juicy at the same time.

3. Subtle Tartness

There is a taste of sourness in cosmic apples, even though they are mostly sweet. This mild tartness balances out the sweetness, making the taste complete.

4. Aromatic Notes

Some people smell floral and tropical notes in cosmic apples, which makes the taste even more complex.

What Can It Be Used For?

People know that Cosmic Crisp apples can handle high heat in the kitchen and still keep their taste, texture, and look. You can use this apple to make pies, cakes, punch, and cheese boards. Check out our Stem Blog for tips and ideas on using the Cosmic Crisp apple in your cooking if this is your first time cooking or baking. Try the Cosmic Crisp in the Apple Pie for Thanksgiving.

This apple can be used to make a lot of tasty treats, but the Cosmic Crisp is a healthy snack you can eat on its own. There are 100 calories in a medium-sized apple, which is more than enough to keep you full until your next meal. Apples also raise blood sugar levels more slowly and can be a healthy part of a low-calorie diet. An apple is good for your immune system, heart, and gut because it contains fiber and vitamins.

When you are ready to make your next snack, baked good, or food arrangement, the Cosmic Crisp will not let you down. The Cosmic Crisp has been a great snack before I work out and a tasty sweet treat when I need one, too! There is nothing better than the crunch, texture, and taste of this apple!

Present Facts

Botanically, Cosmic Crisp apples are a modern American type of Malus domestica, which is in the Rosaceae family. That variety was made public by Washington State University in 2019 and is a mix of Honeycrisp and Enterprise apples. It took more than twenty years to make Cosmic Crisp apples. Traditional breeding methods were used to make the fruits, so they are not genetically changed. Apples called “Cosmic Crisp” got their name from the white dots that cover their surface. In reviews of the new variety, customers often said that the lenticels looked like a sky of stars, which is how the variety got its name. Since they were first released, Cosmic Crisp apples have only grown in Washington State. Farmers like them because they don’t get diseases easily, are easy to move, can be stored for a long time, and ripen evenly. The variety also has a dark red flush, like delicious red apples, and it is beginning to be grown in fields as a modern alternative. People like Cosmic Crisp apples because they are big, have firm meat, a deep color, and a sweet, slightly sour taste. In traditional recipes, apples are eaten raw, but they can also be cooked and used in both sweet and savory dishes.

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